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What are the future opportunities for you?

How will you help change the post-pandemic world?

So what does the future hold? We know that change is on the horizon, but we do not have a clear timeline or an idea of what the new post COVID reality will be. How do we move forward when we are still so uncertain about what our life will look like and how we will live?

While we may not have all the details of what our future will be, we can prepare ourselves to move forward in a more meaningful and purposeful way. While there may still be fear of the unknown and what has yet to come, we can foresee a future when we have will be able to regain parts of our pre-Covid life. What are you anticipating or hoping for… Being with family, celebrating special events, travelling and being mask free? All of these bring forth images of happiness and memories of freedoms we have longed for.

For the first time, certainly in my lifetime, we have seen a global phenomena. Worldwide we have lived a shared experience. The impact is different depending on where we live and on our personal circumstances, but there is no denying that the fact that everyone has been affected by this pandemic. We have all been challenged and our lives have been changed.

Change is inevitable and as we move forward we may anticipate shifts or development in a variety of areas. This may include the ongoing development of technology in both our personal and professional lives; the emphasis on environmental issues and emerging trends; the global and local economies and what employment may look like in our future. We may also see major shifts in our manufacturing and sales as well as in the service industries. How we deliver products and services has changed and it will require new and innovative thinking. There are likely many other areas that will require thinking outside of the box and new approaches. Paying attention to emerging trends, new directions and the needs of people will help determine where you can put your energies and focus as you consider new opportunities.

How will you move forward? Once your basic primary needs are attended too, what will be your focus?

Do you know what matters most to you? After having lived through this period of time are certain things clearer in your mind? I would encourage you to take time to reflect and explore on the various aspects of your life that you feel may deserve attention. Use your curiosity, creativity and intuition to guide you on this path.

  • Are you clear on your own set of values and the purpose that drives you on a daily basis?
  • Are you excited to get up in the morning and begin your day?
  • Coming through this pandemic what has been the most important take away?
  • Where do you want to put your energy and your time?
  • What life lessons have become significant?
  • What will you do differently moving forward?
  • What do you want.. out of your life…for your family? How do you wish to live going forward?
  • What changes do you feel would help make your life better? What are you prepared to change in your life to make it better?
  • How can you contribute in a meaningful way? To your self, your family and your community? What great skills and gifts can you share to enhance the life of others as you move forward?

Is family a renewed priority, seeking your dream job, travelling to destinations you had thought of but never planned for? Are you wanting to follow your heart and your true passion rather than taking the safe and predictable path. We tend to believe we have unlimited time to do all the things we want , but if there is one clear take away it is that there are no guarantees in life and time will pass faster than we think.

Your actions do not have to be grand in scope. What matters is that they have personal meaning to you and that you are committed to seeing them through. Staying true to yourself will naturally impact others in a more authentic and profound way.

Never underestimate the power of what is possible. Do not deny the great contribution you can make. It is exciting to see that we can have worldwide connections and can have influence that can make a difference globally.

Do not underestimate your own strengths and abilities. Go forward boldly and believe in yourself.

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